Arizona car insurance quotes cheap: 4 things that will blow you


    Arizona Car Insurance Quotes cheap

    Have you noticed your Arizona car insurance quotes cheap over the last four years? Apparently State Farm auto insurance rates have dropped a total of 20.29% for Arizona motorists in the past four years. Arizona features in the top 10 states with the highest rate cut, with New Jersey topping the list at 29.20%.

    State Farm reported one of the reasons they have been able to drop motor vehicle insurance rates was due to the financial cost of auto accidents declining by 14.80% in the four year period. In fact State Farm reported that its rates were lower in 2007 than they were in 2003 for every jurisdiction in the country.

    State Farm are able to focus on the long term interests of customers since they do not have any public stockholders who usually focus on short term results.

    Arizona car insurance quotes cheap
    To get multiple car insurance quotes for Arizona click here.

    Farmer Car Insurance Quote for find in Arizona car insurance quotes cheap

    Farmers Insurance Group was founded in 1928 and is today the country’s third-largest writer of both private passenger automobile and homeowners insurance. The company is based in Los Angeles, California and operates in 41 states across the country, with approximately 18,000 employees. The company currently insurers more than 15 million customers.

    To compare your Farmer car insurance quote with quotes from other popular companies click here.

    While all large companies have both good and bad customer stories you might be interested to know that for Farmers Group there is a website dedicated to the subject called Farmers Insurance Group Sucks. Of course to be the third largest insurance company they must be doing something right, but it does pay to be an informed consumer and know what your choices are.

    Budget for Arizona car insurance quotes cheap

    If you have a Dodge you really need to shop around for budget car insurance quotes, to obtain a Dodge car insurance quote click here. Unfortunately the Dodge features in the top 10 list of most stolen motor vehicles in many states, a factor that could increase your car insurance rates.

    In Colorado the Dodge Neon 1995 comes in as the 6th most stolen vehicle and the Dodge Ram Pickup ranks in at number 9. In Michigan the Dodge Ram Pickup tops the list and in Texas Dodge pickups come in as 3rd most stolen.

    While this isn’t good news for your Dodge auto insurance premium there are things you can do to make sure you get budget car insurance. Do a car insurance comparison and make sure you take advantage of any discounts you may be entitled to. This website contains a lot of information on how you can reduce your car insurance rates and choose the best policy to protect your family.

    Quick Tips for Car Insurance Rates

    Are you aware of what affects your car insurance rates, either positively or negatively? Not a lot of drivers are, so we are going to clear things up in a quick little list!

    Age: below 25, out of luck; ages 50-65, safest drivers ever.

    Gender: sorry boys, the ladies are considered safer than you are. But we’re not gloating (much).

    Marital status: single suckers, married drivers pay less for their rates.

    Location: traffic congested suburbs and/or high crime areas, out of luck; low traffic, low crime areas for the win!

    Driving violations: just hang it up for the next five years or so, or else DRIVE SAFER!

    Type of vehicle: go ahead and drool over that gorgeous old Jag, but at the same time be happy, because your ‘97

    Grand Am costs way less to insure.

    Credit rating: poor credit or no credit, start taking the bus.

    Education: you are not too cool for school, rack up all the student loans you can, because you’ll be paying less for insurance.

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