Is insurance an asset or liability? [3 Ideas that respond this]


    Question: is insurance an asset or liability?

    In this post we talk about a very important question that have some people about car insurance (really insurance in general): is insurance an asset or liability?

    Is insurance an asset or liability?: Drivers that spell disaster on the road

    You might be very careful when driving but you just can not avoid an encounter with other motorists that can drive you mad.

    Insurance Disclaimer - Is insurance an asset or liability "Insurance Disclaimer" by andrew steinmetz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0Is insurance an asset or liability

    There will be people who will have their blinkers on for several miles. There will be drivers who will overtake your vehicle, then slow down, and go fast, and slow down again. Drivers like these are really aggravating. Instinct will tell you that you want to let them know what is in your mind (or sometimes your hand). Before you do anything, think twice, not that they will do anything but they can be dangerous.

    Telephone Game for the question Is insurance an asset or liability?

    What can be more dangerous on the road than someone busy chatting over the cellphone or even worse texting someone. As much as you are tempted to go fast and pass them, the recommended move will be to keep your distance. A big percentage of accidents on the road are due to drivers distracted in one form or another.

    Late Blinker
    You are about to take a right turn but decided to wait since a car is cruising down the road. You wait for a while. And waited for a bit more just to find out that when he is just about to turn, he flicks on his signal light and turns on the same street you are going to. If this happened to you most of the time, then you are making the right decision of waiting and respecting right of way.

    Insurance car: an important topic..... Green for Go

    You might be wondering why there are people who respond to the green light really slow. Maybe the driver in front of you is distracted and all you can do is wait. Before you decide to zip around the vehicle and go on a feat of road rage, think twice. Give the driver a benefit of the doubt that maybe someone is blocking his way or someone might be crossing the road. What you can do is tap your horn a bit and wait if he will respond and go.

    Is insurance an asset or liability? read about Big Cars and Ice

    Some drivers of big vehicles just don’t get it. Their tires will still slip on ice and their 4×4 cannot do anything about it. If you see them going really fast on an icy road, keep your distance.
    Always play safe. Be safe.

    The assets of a fixed-annuity IRA

    In a recently released OGC opinion (  the NYSID opined that Reg 60 paperwork is not required when the assets of a fixed-annuity IRA are rolled over into a non-insurance IRA.

    While that is an important clarification of Reg 60, perhaps even more helpful is the statement in the Analysis section:  Reg 60 "only applies to insurance-to-insurance replacement transactions."   Because of the Reg's emphasis on the new policy being delivered, I have had several companies ask about the situation where a non-insurance IRA product was being replaced with an IRA annuity.  While it has been my opinion that Reg 60 would not apply in that situation, this OGC opinion makes clear that the Department agrees.  Because the first product was not an insurance product, the transaction is not an insurance-to-insurance transaction and Reg. 60 does not apply.

    Tesco Car Insurance Quotes... they can answer about "Is insurance an asset or liability?"

    Why should you buy the Tesco car insurance policy?
    When one decides to get insurances, it means that he or she perhaps fears incurring losses that might lead him or her to participating in a double trouble ordeal. Any way the ideal reasons for insurances is purposely to act as securities in cases where one fears to enduring massive losses. Tesco Car Insurance quotes is dedicated to increasing safety of your car.

    Tesco car insurance is an insurance category within the Tesco bank insurance company whose primary purpose is to ensure that asset owners and at this point in particular automobiles are kept in good condition even on the outcome of accidents which of course cannot be anticipated whatsoever. There are many forms of car accidents that can lead one to making an abrupt measure of calling Tesco insurance company and informing them on the condition of your car.

    Since a car accidents are liabilities that any non risk taker would not want to circum to, taking particular initiative like buying the Tesco car insurance services gives the asset owner maximum control assuring confidence while in your own car. Just recently, Tesco insurance company introduced club cards which are usually offered to their customers. Ideally, even those customers without club cards can still access other types of favors from Tesco car insurance.

    With Tesco car insurance, there is a laid out advantage to the Tesco Insurance buyers first an insurance holder of the above is always given caution of avoiding admitting liability in case of an accident. As we said before, the cause to agreeing to participate in the purchase if these services, most times offer the buyer with a free will since he or she will not be liable to anything but rather the company itself will assess the damage and consider the follow ups.

    It has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that Tesco car insurance does not only offer car insurances that go beyond safety itself but also do offer the necessary risk accesses which amount  to the beneficially subsiding with the company. When ones car has been involved in an accident, it is advisable for his or her to contact his or her company within the shortest time possible where the staff will drop in and access the situation and take the matter as a first priority.

    Another hidden advantage with Tesco car insurance is that there is a 24hour accident cover in case of any related incident

    It doesn’t matter what time it is or where one is in particular but in the case of your vehicle or car break-down due to condition unknown, this form of insurance is the answer to this question since a call away can make miracles. By contacting Tesco insurance company who are determined to offer 7 days a week full cover will be ready to help.

    If one is used to being self driven or chauffeur driven and perhaps his or her car has broken down and on the other hand needs repair that means it is in the garage, then this company will always make sure that no bus travels or taxi since they offer a courtesy to keep you right back on the road.

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